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We have established ourselves as a sourcing Company as well asproduct development team. Our headquartered is in Bangalore andoperating globally, the company has earned an impressive reputation forthe strength of its Sourcing, Product Development, commercial andtechnical competencies through all stages of the design-productioncycle, find manufucaturers and for providing efficient, comprehensivesolutions.

Our expertise lies in suggesting innovative products and providingtailored solutions that align with the unique requirements and designsspecified by defense R&D teams. We have established a strongpartnership with defense R&D and engineering teams, working closelyfrom the initial stages of product development, all the way to the finalimplementation. Our major business with PSU Client’s (A Govt. of India Enterprise, Ministryof Defence). We are experienced, reliable existing vendors & sourcingpartners for the Indian defence sector, having worked with defence PSUssuch as BEL, HAL and DRDO for 8yrs.

the company has earned an impressive reputation for the strength of its Sourcing, Product Development, commercial and technical competencies through all stages of the design-production cycle, and for providing efficient, comprehensive solutions.


    • We are the experts when it comes to Global Sourcing.
    • We offers the highest level of service, the most advanced engineering/design capabilities and technical solutions.
    • We tackles all of your tough-to-manufacture components and assemblies with its team of engineering and technical specialists.
    • We deliver unique solutions that drive down costs without sacrificing performance.

Hard to find a new supplier / Manufactures ?

Experience shows that new and reliable suppliers are hard to find so why burden your engineering and purchasing departments with trying to find new and reliable suppliers – let C-Solve professional sourcing team do this for you.  As a single point of contact we can take care of quality, order scheduling and on-time delivery.

We can add value to your business, but without any additional cost. You will benefit from consistent high quality, reliable supply at significantly reduced cost and at the same time you will avoid quality issues, language barriers, unreliable supply, differences in business culture and multi-currency handling.